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September 2015

20 Sep 2015 Richard Davis[1]
20 Sep 2015 thenerdwriter[2]
20 Sep 2015 Rare photograph portraits from Rural America in 1909-1912 (28 June 2014), Thanks to:
20 Sep 2015 Why a VR Game About Flirting Is as Scary as a Horror Game Chris Kohler
20 Sep 2015 Bruce Sterling[3]
20 Sep 2015 The highest I-131 density of this year detected in 2 Fukushima sewage plants by Mochizuki
19 Sep 2015 The Teflon Toxin[4]
19 Sep 2015 Downloads[5]
19 Sep 2015 Mass Incarceration and the Problem of Language[6] Ta-Nehisi Coates (16 Sep 2015), Thanks to:
19 Sep 2015 Colored seawater spreading from the new volcanic island more extensively by Mochizuki, pdf
19 Sep 2015 Bruce Sterling[7]
18 Sep 2015 Europeans shut borders, block bridges, to halt migrant surge, jpg
18 Sep 2015 Millions answer menial job ad[8]
18 Sep 2015 Obama chooses openly gay man to lead Army
18 Sep 2015 "Bloody Trump" Artist Sarah Levy Talks About the Reaction to Her Painting Posted by Shelby R. King, Image


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Culley and Davis
In a place you've never heard of, an undiscovered artist The gallery off Main Street

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"Ghost In The Shell: Identity in Space", YouTube
"What Is The Treachery of Images?", YouTube
"Children of Men- Don't Ignore The Background", YouTube, Thanks to:

(3) [Bruce Sterling:]
[a.] [20 Sep 2015] *A science fiction writer, pretty obviously
[b.] [19 Sep 2015] Photo
[Links from the article:] (via fyprocessing), Source: amseastan

(4) [The Teflon Toxin:]
[a.] [19 Sep 2015] The Teflon Toxin Goes to Court Sharon Lerner, Thanks to:
[Quoting from the article:] "DUPONT WENT TO COURT this week, defending its use of C8, the chemical that spread from the company's Parkersburg, West Virginia, plant into the drinking water of some 80,000 people in West Virginia and Ohio. A jury in Columbus, Ohio, is now hearing the case of Carla Bartlett, a 59-year-old woman who developed kidney cancer after drinking C8-contaminated water for more than a decade."
[b.] [20 Aug 2015] The Teflon Toxin - How DuPont Slipped Past the EPA Sharon Lerner, Thanks to:
[Related:] Tiny Concentrations of Teflon Chemical Harmful to Public Health
[Related:] "Part 1: DuPont and the Chemistry of Deception
[Related:] "Part 2: The Case Against DuPont
[c.] [17 Aug 2015] The Teflon Toxin - The Case Against DuPont Sharon Lerner, Vimeo, Thanks to:
[Related:] [15 Aug 2015] The Teflon Toxin - DuPont and the Chemistry of Deception Sharon Lerner (11 Aug 2015), Thanks to:
[Quoting from the article:] "...for more than 60 years C8 was an essential ingredient of Teflon.[...]
"After it ceased dumping C8 in the ocean, DuPont apparently relied on disposal in unlined landfills and ponds, as well as putting C8 into the air through smokestacks and pouring waste water containing it directly into the Ohio River, as detailed in a 2007 study by Dennis Paustenbach published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health."
[Related:] Perfluorooctanoic acid From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[Quoting from the article:] "Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also known as C8..."

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"What Is The Treachery of Images?", YouTube, Thanks to:
"RAINBOW WARRIORS - Sunshine in Monte Piana" from Highline Meeting, Vimeo, Thanks to:
"Opposing Forces Documentary" from Amy O, Vimeo, Thanks to:
"Children of Men- Don't Ignore The Background", YouTube, Via:, Thanks to:
"Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper", Dailymotion Video
"SLIMZEE'S GOING ON TERRIBLE" from Rollo Jackson, Vimeo, Thanks to:
"London 'On a Regular' " from Rollo Jackson, Vimeo, Thanks to:
" 'TAPE CRACKERS' trailer" from Rollo Jackson, Vimeo, Thanks to:

(6) [Quoting from the article:] " capture the entirety of our perverted criminal justice system...The Gray Waste..."

(7) [Bruce Sterling:]
[a.] [19 Sep 2015] laughingsquid:
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Adventurous Relaxers Set up a Chain of Hammocks Hundreds of Feet in the Air at Highline Meeting Monte Piana in Italy
(via pipedreamdragon), Source: laughingsquid
[b.] [19 Sep 2015] bollywoodwarrior:
[Quoting from the article:] "When even the goons lost hope in humanity"
[Links from the article:] bollywoodwarrior:, (via bollymusings), Source: bollywoodwarrior
[c.] [19 Sep 2015] *Hurry up, scientists, it may already be too late

(8) INDIA - [Quoting from the article:] "When a northern Indian state announced a few hundred job openings for low-level office workers who run errands and make tea, the response was staggering. About 2.3 million people applied for the 368 jobs with the government of Uttar Pradesh. Hundreds of candidates with doctorates and other advanced degrees applied for the jobs that pay about 16,000 rupees ($240) a month and require a fifth-grade education. The massive number seeking the menial jobs reflects high unemployment levels in the country."